Best Affordable Precision Rifles

One of the most exciting new trends and rifles this year is the arrival of affordable precision rifle competition rigs. These three guns here are the first out of the gate in this category and they are designed for the production class shooting in PRS. and what that does is it imposes a hard stop of $2,000 on the price of the rifle.

If you’ve ever looked at the prices on sort of the popular rifles run by the pros, the prices get way north of $2000 real fast. These three guns are ready to compete out of the box and at a price that is much much more attainable for the average person who wants to get into the exciting sport of tactical field matches in PRS and NRL type shooting.

All three of the rifles come in in between like about nine and a half and 11 pounds. Now by PRS rifle standards that’s actually pretty light, but one thing it’s nice about these guns is that if you wanted to use them for predator hunting even to take them hunting for big game you’ve got a lot of versatility in them as well, they’re a little bit heavier than a standard sporting rifle but they’re heavy enough so that you’re not going to be compromised if you’re running them in competition, so we’ll just take a look at these in turn.


You can’t have a more American name than that, this was kind of the first out of the gate at least in terms of when it was announced last year, but now the demand was so great that they’re finally getting these out of and into people’s hands.

Like all the precision rifles here, this one shot lights out in the tests and you’re gonna see a lot of similarities between the three to get to that $2,000 price point, they have some features in common but each of them has their own twist on this. This one happens to be built on a KRG chassis with a nice stable cheekpiece on the stock, it has the removal but he’s down here if you want to go with that kind of sniper hook system, this is built I’m one of the most interesting actions out there the nucleus action from American rifle company, it’s a three lug action so it’s got a really nice short 72 degree bolt throw so it’s a slick quick action, and the lugs unlike bugs that are designed to kind of bed evenly across the inner surfaces of the chamber. It has toroidal lugs you’re gonna have to look that word up if you don’t know what it means, but essentially it allows the action to kind of those looks to self Center with better contact within the chamber and that leads to greater accuracy. 

This rifle like all of them comes fairly naked but ready to trick out with some extra stuff. The muzzle break here we put this while I was running some felt field drills, just to see how it controls most guys are probably gonna want to run that. It doesn’t come with any magazines but being a remington 700 style receiver, it is ready to take any a ICS mag out there like the ones made from Magpul those
ones we were running. Uut of the box it is ready to go, it’s shot just lights out terrific gun has a little mechanical ejector in their controlled round feel very reliable very slick very fast easy to control and also, of the three arguably the best-looking one of the lot just kind of the finish on it really caught everybody’s eye out here and i love it.


This is based on a defiance action this is defiance machines new rifle company. Unless just sort of fell off the pickle truck you know defiance action is sort of the standard action for most competition rigs out there, so now you can get a defiance action, it’s a to lug deal in a rifle that’s ready to go again right at that 2,000 dollar price point.

The aesthetics on this are a little more kind of rough booking than the other two rifles but this thing runs like a dream, it is just the slickest running action of the lot and just has a very sweet trigger tech trigger on it and just a tack driver, but this thing just ran just like a dream you can just see how slick that is going back and forth comes on in aluminum chassis again ready to adjust for length of pole for cheek height so you know you’re not giving up anything there.

Runs on AI type magazine, so there’s one little difference there and this has again a mechanical ejector and you know a little control round piece sort of a Socko style of 16 style extractor, this one is also wearing a muzzle brake from area 419 so that’s going to be an add-on. This Stiles stock with the M lock system on there you’re ready to throw on bipods or other accessories you know kind of whatever you need.


This is glen secant sky followed up production rifle, after last year’s amazing pro hunter so he’s come out of the box with again one of these $2,000 PRS production class rifles. This is bill on his havoc action just a lovely to lug action that actually has the lugs positioned at a 90 degree difference, so that when they lock in there they’re actually in a stronger situation in the receiver a kind of a thoughtful touch on his part. This comes with a nice Tim knee trigger, heavy barrel, contour barrel, 5r rifling on it. Again the adjustable stock, it takes the a ICS compatible magazines one thing you might notice on here is this little rail section here. This is part of a new series of accessories that sequences come out with this rifle does not have this included, but you can add these on there and this gives you the ability to run this on an arcade dovetail tripod which is extremely popular. It also has these little defense in there that run other accessories that is developed for adding bipods adding tripod mounts and other kinds of accessories that you might want to have.

If a havak Bravo another good PRS production class rifle to brand all of these  are come in a variety of cartridges we got them in six Creedmoor and 6.5 in the case of the the bad rock here. But the John Hancock comes in a variety of calibers which is very popular you can get into them and the 6 by prc’s 6.5 Creedmoor, 6 Creedmoor a lot of different options. 


If you’re looking to get into the game of precision rifle shooting, you don’t have unlimited funds and you’re scared off by kind of the gear race that some of the competitions can become, these new production class rifles are really a great option. You can also like these good infomation about rifle and on

All three of them are CAF drivers they handle extremely well off the barricade in the field, they punch tight groups at a hundred and they are the kind of gun that you can win just about any local match with and compete and do well and not feel like your gear is handicapping you and not feel like you’re going bankrupt in the process.