How to choose the rimfire scope for squirrel hunting?

Choosing the best type of rimfire scope for your squirrel hunting experience is not a herculean task. As previously discussed, we know that the rimfire scope is simpler to use, suitable for a short distance, and more effective than the centerfire scope. Many people spend a large amount of money to acquire a centerfire scope instead of going for a   rimfire scope that is less cheap and easier to use for learners.

Although not used for long-distance range but is regarded as the first-rate option for a shooter. Rimfire scope has a useful optic lens that comfortably spots and targets prey during hunting.

Rimfire helps hunt squirrels, other animals, and during competitions, because they are of variant sizes and shapes, you don’t need to drain your pocket to acquire one. When shopping for the best rimfire scope to help in your squirrel hunting adventure, kindly consider the following features;

  1. The parallax adjustability–   The parallax helps when the target and crosshairs are no longer on the same focal plane within the scope’s tube. During hunting experience, if you notice the coming in and out of focus by the scope float, be rest assured of successfully aiming your target with the help of parallax. Some parallax is static, while others are not. The focal plane between close and far target distance tends to decrease over constant usage. If these happen, you can adjust your parallax to give a different focal target for your squirrel hunting adventure.

The centerfire scope, which has a focus of up to 200 yards, is usually factory-made; a typical rimfire scope has a practical principle of 50 yards, sometimes a little more. This rimfire scope yard range gives a better hunting experience than squirrels or animals far from the field.

Sometimes when a shooter decides to use the side focus when he wants to target prey within short and far range at a short time, the side control helps the shooter easily target marks. Simultaneously, the Adjustable Object is practical when there is enough time to pick on your squirrel or prey. You can fix your parallax adjustment at 50 yards for squirrel hunting and ensure your side focus and Adjustable Objective are ready.

  1. Focal Plane– There are two places within the tube where the reticule can be installed for easy focus during squirrels’ hunting. Suppose the reticule is at the front of the tube; these can be called the First Focal Plane(FFP). If it is at the back of the tube near the ocular lens, we can refer to it as Second Focal Plane(SFP). 

When adjusting magnification in FFP, the reticule enlarges, unlike in SFP, where magnification size remains the same. Many shooters enjoy using FFP during hunting because reticule does not change with the scope of power. Although FFP has its advantages, shooters still prefer old school SFP because a shooter can successfully see the crosshair and target even at low power.

  1. The reticule design keeps changing as manufacturers keep improving their rimfire scope model’s standard. The reticule’s principal function is to aim at the target. 

When using slow rimfire like 0.22LR during hunting, the reticules like those of the Nikon Prostaff rimfire series are effective; they have a hash mark on the target and indicate where the bullet would impact targeting far range.

  1. Turrets– There are two types of turrets available for a rifle scope: exposed turrets and capped turrets. Exposed turrets are manually adjusted during hunting, while capped turrets are only changed once when zeroing a rifle and left alone; NRL22 usually have exposed turrets.

Using a 0.22 LR within the range of 50 yards is accurate and effective, but when you decide to reach a 60-90 yard capacity, you have to either use the reticle hash mark to hold the target or spin the turret to aim the center.

If a shooter is required to adjust his target from 20 yards to 90 yards, using the reticule is advisable, but the turrets work better if the target range is 90 yards or close.

  1. Power– Most shooters, when sorting for the best rimfire scope for hunting squirrels, search for the magnification strength. We are not saying magnification is not essential. The power of the rimfire should also be as crucial as magnification. Magnification is critical when hunting for a long yard, while power ability is vital when aiming for a tiny target. If you plan to get a rimfire scope for hunting for squirrels, soon check for the rifle power while ascertaining its magnification.


Getting any rifle or rimfire scope for the hunting of squirrels is very easy, but with the above point listed,  it will be easier to sort for the specific type of rimfire that is perfect for your hunting adventure.