Red Dot Sight vs. Scope for Hunting

People buy rifles for several reasons; for many, hunting is more comfortable with a rifle. So, if you are using yours for hunting, then you should be concerned about hitting your target with more accuracy.
There are several tools you can use for getting accurate shots when hunting. You can use a red dot sight or Scope when hunting. While they are both effective, they have their unique advantages.
This article will deliver information that will help you pick between the red dot sight and Scope for your hunting tasks. This will help you know the right tool for shooting accurately when hunting. To start with, it is good to begin with essential information about red dot sight and Scope.

What is a rifle scope?
A rifle scope is an aiming tool used by hunters and shooters for effective magnification of targets. This helps improve your accuracy when shooting both long and short distance targets. Scopes often feature different types of graphical combinations which makes using this device easier.

What is a red dot sight?
Red dot sight is another useful non-magnifying aiming device used by shooters. It provides red dots which are used for aiming your target or points. Many who engage in short distance shooting, or who want to save time when shooting makes use of red dot sight.

Red dot sight vs Scope which is better?

Below are some facts that will help you know which is better between the two aiming devices.

Shooting Capability
Hunters cannot be completely relaxed when shooting at a target. If they wait too long, their target may end up fleeing, and that ends their hunting quest. For accuracy when shooting long distance, it is best to use rifle scope.

If you are shooting at a close target, rifle scope may not work well for you, as it’s magnification level is high. Red dot sight works best for close targets. They are also fast for close distances which makes them a better option.
Verdict: use red dot sight for short distance shooting and long range rifle scope for long-distance shooting.

Comfort Level
Every hunter wants to be comfortable when shooting; this is the only way they can hit their target with ease. Hence, you get to consider which aiming device makes you more comfortable when shooting.
When using the rifle scope, you need to pay attention to the back end of the Scope while aiming. With every movement you make with your head, you are reducing your chances of hitting the target. As such, you might need to fix your head in the same position for a more extended period.
When using the red dot sight, you will not have this type of worry. Your head need not focus on the aiming points. Even when far off, you can still see the red dots easily. But the farther you move the rifle away from the red dot, the lower your chances of hitting the target.

Eye comfort

Eye relief problem is a common problem for hunters using rifle scope. You risk hurting your eye if you are not careful when using rifle scope.
When using red dot sight, this is not something to worry about. Irrespective of your position, you can easily see the red dots. Using red dot sights helps you overcome eye relief problems.

Placement of Rifle scope vs Red dot sight
The rifle scope has limited space for fastening the Scope to the rifle. This may also depend on the type of rifle you are using. You can find some rifles that come with extra placement for the Scope.
When using red dot sight, you need not worry about placement as it can be hung on different parts of the rifle. You have at least three spots where you can attach the red dot sight. You can fix it on the barrel, on the receiver, or ahead.


When it comes to accuracy, you will always want to go for a rifle scope. Rifle scope covers a lot of distance and can give accurate results. Red dot sight cannot cover a long distance; this reduces their preciseness, making rifle scope a better option.

Magnification Level

Are you hunting over a long distance? If yes, Scope is the best option for you. They have different levels of magnification that hunters can pick from. The level of focus also depends on scope features.
RED dot sight does not offer any magnification level. As such, you can never get an accurate result on your target with a red dot sight. If accuracy is what you desire, then rifle scope is the better option.

Parallax vs No-Parallax
This is another essential factor to consider when making your selection. Parallax often takes time when it comes to focusing and shooting targets. When you don’t use Scope effectively, you tend to lose the parallax.
If you are opting for red dot sight, you need not worry about parallax problems. Immediately you watch the red dot and cover the area; you have enough time to aim and shoot on your target. It is effortless to use compared to a rifle scope.

Purpose of use
What are you planning to use the rifle for? This is an important question to ask before selecting any aiming device.

If you want to venture into long-range shooting, you have no better option than going for a rifle scope. It gives you better magnification and perfect zoom power which improves your accuracy.
If you want short-range shooting, then red dot sight is the better option. It is safer, and comes with less stress, making it perfect for hunters. You also don’t need to aim correctly to hit your target; it is straightforward.
There are several factors to consider when it comes to picking between rifle scope and red dot sight. This article has shed more light on the factors to consider as a hunter when making your selection. One is safer for hunters in red dot sight, while one offers more clarity and preciseness when shooting over a long distance. It’s up to you to select the one that fits your needs best.